About Where Is My Life Partner?

About the Author

Tasha McCray is the author of an Amazon #1 best-seller book, “Where is My Life Partner?” A woman’s guide to attracting her soul mate. She is inspiring single, successful women to love themselves and enjoy their life in the process of attracting their life partner. Tasha has taught, coached, and inspired hundreds of women on how to transform their lives from the inside out through her work with organizations, outreach, and financial stewardship classes. She lives in Orlando, Florida with her loving, husband, Benny and fur-baby Draco.

Having almost everything you want in life but a loving partner to share it with can be more than frustrating. When your friends and family are sharing their most memorable moments with their significant others, questions may arise within like “Where is the life partner that I have dreamed about? When is he coming? Am I going to be able to rendezvous with my soul mate one day?”

That dream is possible and has come true for many, including the author of this book. She derives from her own experiences to pose guidance for other women on creating a fulfilled life, attracting the love of your life, and building and maintaining a healthy relationship.

She speaks to real issues of health, career, money, friends, family, and the fear of growing old alone. Most of all, she addresses the questions and issues that single, successful women have as to why they have not found a mate.

In "Where is My Life Partner?", you will discover:

The truth about why you have not been successful with attracting the love of your life

Gain a new perception on the single life and self-love

The reasons why nothing materializes after a few dates and how you could avoid wasting your time

How to deal with the pressures of social media and other platforms

The reason why you are stigmatized for being “a single, successful woman”

How to develop a strategy to create new life so that you will attract your ideal mate

How to know that you are in a happy relationship

And much, much more

This book holds the key to having the relationship you have always dreamed about. There are step-by-step instructions on how to prepare yourself for your ideal mate, including case studies by women just like you who have successfully overcome the fear of being single forever. The author has outlined ways to help identify your barriers, conquer your fears, and attract the right man to blissfully spend the rest of your life with.

If you’re tired of waiting for things to change, and you’re ready to enjoy a life of true love and fulfillment, the wait is over. Join many others just like you and order your copy today.