About The Nurse REI Club


I’m Tasha McCray!

Thank you for visiting The Nurse REI Club. If you are a nurse, love real estate, helping others, and entrepreneurship, you are in the right place. I have created this club for nurses who are seeking opportunities to diversify their portfolio through real estate.


About the Club
Our mission is to empower nurse real estate investors through education, community, and sisterhood.
Our goal is to change the lives and future of nurses who feel stuck in their profession by providing education for real estate investment opportunities to grow their individual portfolios.

  • We are a community of like-minded women with a shared vision of being successful real estate investors.
  • We share various ways to invest in real estate.
  • We support individual REI businesses and brands.
  • We provide a safe environment for investment opportunities.

It’s really hard to believe how much progress The Nurse REI Club has made in less than 2 years. Countless closed real estate deals among our members, joint ventures/partnerships, private money lenders, several group homes have been established and so much more.

When we set out to educate nurses on how to invest in real estate, we had no idea that so many lives would be changed. Communities all over the United States have been positively impacted by the investments of purchasing properties and providing housing for others. We will continue to educate, learn, and grow as a family of Nurse Real Estate Investors.

What you can expect from The Nurse REI Club membership:

Being an Active Investor

Participate in Community Outreach Events

Credit Repair Discount with Affiliates of The Nurse REI Club™

Becoming a part of creating a great community of professional nurse investors

Monthly Zoom Meetings (1 hour)

50% off Annual Real Estate Investing Retreat

Opportunities to Invest or JV with Other Investors through Partnerships

Daily interaction on Facebook secret group (The Nurse REI Club™ Membership)