About The Nurse REI Club

Welcome, I’m Tasha McCray! Thank you for visiting The Nurse REI Club. If you are a nurse, love real estate, helping others, and entrepreneurship, you are in the right place. I have created this club for nurses who are seeking opportunities to diversify their portfolio through real estate. A little about me… On the tail-end of my 25-year nursing career, the contract from my last job was coming to an end and I was faced with a decision. Keep working hard or put my hard-earned money to work for me, but I wasn’t quite sure what I wanted to do. One day I was leisurely scrolling through Instagram and came across a live video of a woman who stated that she owned 33 rental properties and 8 tax companies. I did a little research on her to find out that she had been released from prison just 2 years prior. I thought, if she could do it (not go to prison) so could I. So, I began studying and researching every and anything about real estate investing. I absolutely fell in love with the idea of having so many avenues in which to invest without having a ton of money. I started with wholesaling (not my favorite). Then, I ventured out and became a private money lender using my self-directed IRA. I’ve purchased 6 properties to date, done about 25 wholesale deals, a couple of syndications, and countless JV deals. I invest nationwide alone and with other investors. It's hard to believe I've done this in a little over a year! However, I did spend thousands of dollars to invest in real estate programs and mentors only to become frustrated and confused. That was when I discovered my true passion which is helping other nurses create/generate multiple streams of income through real estate investing by creating a platform just for US!

What you can expect from The Nurse REI Club membership:

Daily interaction on Facebook secret group (The Nurse REI Club™ Membership)

Credit Repair Discount with Affiliates of The Nurse REI Club™

Being an Active Investor

Becoming a part of creating a great community of professional nurse investors

Monthly Zoom Meetings (1 hour)

Opportunities to Invest or JV with Other Investors through Partnerships

50% off Annual Real Estate Investing Retreat

Participate in Community Outreach Events

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