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Now that you are here, let me introduce myself. I am Tasha McCray and you are in for a treat! First, I am an amazing WOMAN, WIFE, MOTHER, BOSS. I take pride in allowing my light to shine before the world… imperfections and all. That’s what makes me so unique. Living life on my terms, taking no “wooden nickels,” serving others, and having fun! - Take the brakes off and let the wind flow, breathe a little, kick your shoes off and walk on the grass. Do what makes you feel good, but don’t forget to get that MONEY! - Welcome.

Do You Have The Nurse REI Club App Yet?

Hi, I’ve created this great The Nurse REI Club app and I really think you’ll like it! If you want to try it, you can download it here. Let me know what you think!

Introducing McCray Solutions - Your Credit Repair Resource!

If you are ready to repair your credit then look no further! McCray Solutions is your solution!

The services include:

  • Full credit restoration
  • Remove inquiries
  • Remove collections
  • Remove late payments
  • Strengthen credit history
  • Remove evictions
  • Remove convictions
  • Remove student loans
  • Remove bankruptcy
  • Give access to trade Lines
“Ok I’m constantly getting calls and emails for housing everyday thanks to attending your webinar. Now, I’m looking for property #2. So glad I listened to your advice. Keep doing what you are doing to end homeless.”
In 2019 I followed a recommendation from my money mentor who is a 7 figure Nurse Entrepreneur. We had a wealth-building plan in place for me that was established a year prior. She explained that since getting to know Tasha
I’ve always been skeptical about investors claiming that they were making lots of money. But one day I came across Mrs.McCray on Facebook live. It was something about her that I liked and trusted. I reached out to her, asked